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Bottle Feeding

Flexible Peristaltic Slim Neck Teat 2pcs (Y) Variable Flow 6-7 Months +

Pigeon's original nipple design.  Research conducted on baby's oral development shows that baby suckles breast milk by moving their tongue in a smooth, wave-like motion.  This motion is called 'Peristaltic motion' and is the natural sucking behavior of a baby.  Pigeon teats have been specially designed to mimic and promote this natural sucking action.  Pigeon teats have been designed to reduce nipple confusion between breast and bottle. 

  • Suitable for Slim necked bottles
  • Size Y -  Variable Flow 6-7 Months +
  • Y cut hole
  • Made from ultra-soft, thick silicone that is super flexible
  • Grooved interior for maximum flexibility and natural tongue support
  • Fits perfectly into baby's sucking fossa
  • BPA and BPS FREE

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