Meet Pigeon Mama Aleisha Ann

What has been the hardest period of motherhood for you and how did you deal with it?

The most challenging phase of motherhood for me - and something I am still working on - has been struggling with getting a good nights sleep. At first she was waking every one and a half to two hours for a feed. Although it's improved slightly now, she is still waking up every two to three hours at night, sometimes not just for feeding but also to be soothed.

Creating a nighttime routine has helped immensely. This consists of bathing her, getting pjs on and reading her a book to help prepare for sleep. For me, I go to bed when she does at night and try get a day nap in when I can!


What is your best advice for women about to go through the jump into having their first baby?

Just go for it, you’ll figure it out and it’ll the best journey you’ll ever experience. I don’t get much sleep but my life before was nothing to how full my life is now. Kids are the best!



Do you have any must have Pigeon Baby products?

Yes, they do the best bottles! We experience a bit of colic/gas and found these really helped and she burps fast after using them.


Your favourite thing about having kids and what are you most proud of on your motherhood journey so far?

My favourite thing is watching her gain a new skill like finding her hands or talking, it’s so magical. I’m so proud of just being her mum! This journey so far has been everything and more I’ve ever dreamed of. I show her so much love and that’s what I’m most proud of.


If you could choose one parenting mantra for yourself, what would it be?

Cherish each day because she’s growing up so quickly!