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The SofTouch™ III wide neck Range has arrived! Featuring a wide selection of bottles and teats made from super soft silicone now designed with a latch on line there's a bottle and teat for every baby.

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Pigeon Starter Kit
  • $79.99
SofTouch™ III Bottle PP 160ml
  • $25.99
SofTouch™ III Bottle PP 160ml - Twin Pack
  • $39.99
SofTouch™ III Bottle PP 240ml
  • $28.99

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Complete Skincare for Your Little One. The Natural Botanical baby skincare line is created to suit the ideal skincare regime for your baby

Natural Botanical Baby Head & Body Wash 500ml
  • $23.99
Natural Botanical Baby Massage Oil 120ml
  • $15.99
Natural Botanical Baby Milky Lotion 500ml
  • $23.99
Natural Botanical Baby Head & Body Wash 200ml
  • $13.99

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The “Pigeon Way” is the fundamental ideology based on which all of our global strategies and plans are developed. It’s also the basic criterion for how we feel in our hearts and how we convert those feelings to action.

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After trying everything Pigeon is the only brand my baby will take!

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We are exceptionally grateful to finally find something that works. Thank you Pigeon.

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The GoMini Pump is the best pump I have ever used - wish I had this for my first baby.

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I've just placed an order for 4 more bottles after the success of the first!

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The Milk Saver Pump should be called the Life Saver Pump!! Very impressed.

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Great to find a brand that cares about their customers and their quality! We will be purchasing again.

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