Meet Pigeon Mama Casarah Cooper

What has been the hardest period of motherhood for you and how did you deal with it?

I personally always struggle with the period from 6-18months, not so much due to the sleep deprivation or age of the baby but I struggle with postpartum anxiety & this is always when its at its worst for me with hormones & stress. I started taking medication which helped, exercising and talking to a clinical therapist which helped me work through my triggers & learn some coping strategies.


What is your best advice for women about to go through the jump into having their first baby? 

Really stop and savour those newborn weeks, limit your guests, spend all day snuggling that little baby because they grow up so fast. You never get those early days back, even with your other children as your first is so special. 


What is one of the most important things in your home! 

When they were little our Nuna leaf was my life saver, I hired one instead of buying to save some money. 


Do you have any must have Pigeon Baby products?  

The feeding bottles are amazing, the only brand my youngest would take. They have lasted well, the teats change as your baby grows & they’re easy for both parent or Bub to hold. The Pigeon Liquid cleanser is so versatile and can be used on food & products. Its kept my mind at ease over the past few years. 


Your favourite thing about having kids and what are you most proud of on your motherhood  journey?

They keep me on my toes, seeing the world through their eyes is the best, they really give you a new lease on life (Even though you’re tired a lot of the time). I am constantly learning & growing as a person because I want them to grow up to be amazing. 


If you could choose one parenting mantra for yourself, what would it be?

This too shall pass, after every storm comes a rainbow. (On those days that are hard & we want to cry remember the laughter & happiness is around the corner)