New + Improved: SofTouch™ Bottle & Teat Range


Designed from over 60 years of breastfeeding research, we’re excited to announce our new SofTouch™ bottle range available now online and instore at one of our retail partners.

With the same functions as you know and love, our new SofTouch™ III Bottles & Teats have been improved to encourage a smoother feed from breast to bottle. 

Our SofTouch™ III bottles were created to support mothers to continue breastfeeding for as long as they want. The design of our teats mimics the natural drinking pattern of a baby drinking from their mother’s breast by promoting the same 3 feeding movements - latching, sucking and swallowing. 

As with all of our SofTouch™ III range, our teats come with an air ventilation system that adjusts air pressure inside the bottle to support constant milk flow and helps reduce the chances of colic. 

So, how have our bottles & teats been improved? We’re glad you asked.


Seamless switching between breast to bottle

The new SofTouch™ III teats have two main new features that encourage a seamless switch for a baby between their mother’s breast to bottle.


1. Latch-On Line

The latch-on line is a guide line on the teat which helps new bottle-feeding parents to know where the baby should be latching on the teat. A secure latch to the teat is crucial to successful feeds as it prevents milk leakage and promotes efficient milk intake.


2. Skin-like Teat

We’ve made our teats even softer which makes the feeding experience even closer to a mother’s breast. How? The soft silicone rubber allows the baby to complete smooth peralisatic tongue movements, similarly to the natural feeding experience, which reduces nipple confusion when combination feeding. 

If you’re already a Pigeon SofTouch user, you’ll be happy to know that our new teats are 100% compatible with all SofTouch™ bottles.


It’s what’s inside that counts

Our SofTouch bottles are now available in 3 different materials, so you can pick the material that best suits you and your baby needs.

1. PP Bottle

Made from light-weight plastic, the SofTouch™ III PP bottle is suitable for low to regular use and is BPA and BPS free.

Bottles in the PP material are available in plain or with designs. All bottles are BPA and BPS free. 


2. Glass Bottle

The SofTouch™ III Glass bottle is perfect for transparency and will last years and years for unlimited usage. All bottles are BPA and BPS free. 

3. And introducing, T-Ester

A new and innovative material, T-Ester, used for our SofTouch™ III bottles that provides premium clarity (similar to glass) and has a stronger resistance* to UV degradation compared to other plastics. 



*After 100 hours continuous UV sterilisation, T-Ester remains unchanged

Bottles in the T-Ester material are available in two sizes 200ml and 300ml. All bottles are BPA and BPS free. 

Explore the new SofTouch™ range of bottles and teats today.