Parent World's top 5 eco-loving brands

Article source: Parent World


Score a win for your little one, Mother Nature and local communities with Pigeon’s Natural Botanical Baby skincare series.

With the tagline “From Earth, With Love”, the Natural Botanical Baby skincare series represents Pigeon’s commitment to providing high-quality products that improve the quality of life while caring for the environment.


Harnessing nature's best nutrients to care for your little one

Skin is the largest organ of our human body, and your baby’s skin is not just amazingly soft, it is also a unique and essential shield that offers protection from the outside world; in defending it against irritants, germs and bacteria and is a tool for exploring the world through touch. However, your little one’s skin is also very delicate so it needs extra special care throughout your baby’s early years of life.

As such, Pigeon’s Natural Botanical Baby skincare series contains more than 90% natural origin; made primarily from nutrient-rich natural ingredients like argan oil, olive oil and chamomile, all of which possess important effective, yet gentle, qualities that support the development of strong, smooth, and healthy skin for your little one! The remaining 10% are added to improve safety, integrity, and fragrance of the natural botanical formulations.


Protecting our planet for future generations to enjoy

Acting on the belief that protecting the planet not just for our current generation, but for future generations as well, Pigeon has gone the extra mile to protect nature by adopting sustainable initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint by encouraging recycling, consuming responsibly, and nurture a love for the environment. With the launch of the Natural Botanical Baby series, the following sustainable initiatives are: Typically, the production of plastics drains natural resources and releases harmful chemicals into the air and soil through its production. As such, Pigeon has committed that their plastic bottles are made using 20% recycled plastics to minimise the use of raw materials and energy in the production process.

In collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Singapore), Pigeon has planted 5,000 fruit tree seedlings to support reforestation efforts in Indonesia; to mitigate soil erosion and offer watershed protection. The fruit trees would eventually also create sustainable food and livelihood resource for the local communities. A win for Mother Nature, local communities and Pigeon!

Uncontrolled palm oil production can cause unscrupulous labour practises and the deforestation of precious virgin forests, which leads to loss of biodiversity and Natural Capital. Concerned about the negative side the effects of palm oil production, Pigeon has become an RSPO* member and actively supports sustainable palm oil production around the world by trading in RSPO Credits.

* RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

Pigeon’s commitment to being eco-friendly was also extended to the way its advertising campaign for its Natural Botanical Baby product range was carried out.

For the campaign, Pigeon engaged papercraft artists to create backdrops made from reused materials.  The result was an ad campaign that is not just pleasing to the eyes, but also kinder to the environment!


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